How Children Learn Articles, Books, Academic Papers and Experts

Here I have listed links to articles, academic papers and experts in the field of how children learn which I have taken inspiration from over the years.

Children Teach themselves to read by Psychology Today
Children and brain development - University of Maine  
Children Are Beautifully Designed, by Nature, to Control Their Own Education.- Alternatives to School
Education and the brain, what happens when children learn -The University of Cambridge 
Forget Flashcards, Play with sticks - World Economic Forum
How Children Learn By Stalla Vosniadou
How Children Learn by John Holt
How Children Learn by The British Council, also has some great web link advice in comments
How People Learn by National Academies Press
How Do Children Learn - The Vak Approach by Kalikids 
How can children best learn languages by British Council
Learning Styles of Children -
Mistakes Improve Children's Learning - Psychology Today

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